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OMIC USA Granted KFDA Accreditation in GMO Testing Field

Korea Food & Drug AdministrationMarch 29, 2012 — The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) has accredited analytical laboratory OMIC USA Inc. in the field of genetically modified organism (GMO) testing as per a communiqué received from the KFDA on March 29, 2012. This certification is the culmination of a two-year approval process that began in 2009 and included two on-site audits performed by the KFDA. OMIC USA Inc. now boasts the ability to issue KFDA-accredited GMO certificates to companies and individuals exporting food and feed products to the Republic of Korea.

OMIC USA Inc. in 1999 became the first private U.S. laboratory to be approved by the Korean Food & Drug Administration to test for pesticide residues; this scope was broadened in 2008 to include testing and certification in the fields of nutrition, food supplements, and vitamins.

The benefit of OMIC USA’s new scope of accreditation is twofold: 1) U.S. exporters can now rest assured that their cargo will be accepted at South Korean ports of entry because KFDA standards have been met, and 2) Korean consumers will have peace of mind knowing that their food products are safe and compliant with Korean GMO labeling standards.

The DNA/GMO laboratory at OMIC USA operates under ISO 17025 quality management systems in GMO testing under the leadership of Dr. Chong Singsit, Ph.D., a transgenic research and GMO testing veteran with twenty years of experience. As an additional asset OMIC USA has a Korean analytical chemist, Seong Rai Cho, M.S., who is a native speaker and has trained in a KFDA-affiliated laboratory in Seoul, South Korea.